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Below are a sampling of some of the exciting devices representing the cutting edge of MEMS design.

All devices on this page are completely batch fabricated! No assembly required; when the six inch silicon wafers come out of the fab, they are covered with thousands of these devices, all ready to run.

For size comparison, the gear teeth in the images below are about the size of a red blood cell

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MEMS Images:

mems-thermal-actuator A truly amazing MEMS device. It is a sophisticated MEMS Thermal Actuator
MEMS Mirror An early optical switch.  An electrostatic actuator is used to drive a geared transmission connected to a rack and pinion system.  Running the actuator will raise and lower the mirror
Transmission One of my favorite pictures of a fully functioning MEMS transmission built in the SUMMiT V technology.  This is part of a system capable of increasing the force out of a microengine by a factor of 3,000,000.
Gear Train Close up of a gear train built in a Surface Micromachining technology.
Suface MEMS Amazing detail on the multi-level springs that are a critical part of a microengine.  Springs are 1 micron across!
Ratchet Complex MEMS Ratchet Mechanism. 
multi-level mems A great side-view shot of a multi-level spring
steam engine An oldie, but still a favorite . . . the world's smallest functioning steam engine.  Piston is 5 microns across.  This baby really works!
Torsional Actuator New Torsional Actuator.  Potentially packing a lot of umph into a VERY small space.
MEMS Clutch Incredible MEMS Clutch mechanism.  This is actually a complex device that required a working clutch mechanism.  Gears are 50 microns across.
MEMS Gears MEMS anti-reverse mechanism . . . when you can not afford to take a step back.  Part of a complex safety device.
Mite An early micromotor built in the SUMMiT technology.  For size comparison a microscopic dust mite is shown on top. 

The images on this page represent designs done at Sandia National Laboratories.

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